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Driving cart (2)

Driving cart (2)

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Vega is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and is located in the constellation Lyra. It is a main sequence star of spectral type A, approximately twice the size of the Sun.




Satin cord & Miyuki beads (gold)



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About this product

Unakite creates a good mood. Also
Unakite helps ground yourself.

Disclaimer: The spiritual meanings of gemstones are based on traditions and beliefs and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.
The bracelet is adjustable with a sliding knot. The sliding knot may not close exactly in the middle because we are all unique.
Please note: At Sterrenstof we use real gemstones for our range. This means that the shape/color of the stone may differ from the product photos.

How do I care for my new jewelry?

Give your gemstone some love. Be careful. Some gemstones can discolor in water or other agents.
We recommend taking off the bracelet before showering to prevent discoloration of both the gemstone and the bracelet.


1st Chakra; Root chakra
4th Chakra; Heart chakra